This is the Secret to Quickly Received by Google Adsense

Google Adsense or often we call GA is the world's largest advertising media, which dares to pay its publishers at an expensive price. Of course this is a great opportunity for bloggers, especially for Indonesia itself, many have played GA to hunt for dollars or rupiah. But not everyone is successful or accepted as a publisher of this google, Why? There are many factors that make them rejected by Google Adsense, one of them is the copas blog.

Well here the handsome admin will share your experience with you on how to quickly be facilitated by GA. How to do it, please sit sweet while drinking coffee.

1. Create a blog

Well the first thing you have to do is to have a blog, be it from blogspot or wordpress, but the admin's advice is to use wordpress just to make it nice. Why do you have to create a blog? because if you don't have a blog you can't register as a publisher in GA, even though in fact you can also flat through youtube but must have 1 original video to register in GA, and if you register via youtube then the GA account is later only Hosdted account. What is a hosted account will we discuss later in the next meeting.

2. Blog with TLD domain (Top Level Domain)

The second, try your blog using the TLD domain. The TLD domain is like (.com, .net, .org) example: www.namadomain.com. By using the TLD domain the opportunity to be accepted in GA will be greater and this also has the admin prove itself.

3. Create several original articles

Third is creating an article or no copy. Never ever try trying to register your blog in GA if your web content results from copy paste from someone else's web, because 100% is sure to be rejected by Google. Remember, goole is very good at distinguishing which blogs are of high quality and which are copas. To make an original and interesting content is actually not as difficult as you imagine. You can make an article about online business, how to get healthy, or even about how to paint a house, the point is that the article you made original writing and thinking yourself open copas.

4. Focus on one nice blog

The fourth is what you mean, you only need to determine the deadline of your blog, for example a blog that you make about health, then make an article about health and do not make articles that deviate from health. For example, you make 5 articles, and the five articles that you make are different themes, some are about health, then the next article is about online business, and others about technology and home property. admin advice, make sure all the content on your blog leads to a nice one.

5. Choose a blog theme that is lightweight and SEO friendly

Actually, the fifth one is not too important and influential, but according to the GA masters the selection of blog themes is also important.

6. Create contact page or page privacy and TOS

Now the sixth is also very important, the admin himself has been rejected 3 times by GA because he forgot to make pages like Contact Us, Privacy Policy and TOS (Term of Srvice) when registering. If you are confused about how to make it, you can use privasy web and tos generator which you can search yourself on google.

7. Blog age and language

And the last is the age and basaha of the blog that you made. Make sure the blog age is at least 3 months and content if you can speak English, why? because blogs with content that contains English will be more quickly accessed by Google and this has proven a lot. But if you are not proficient in English, don't be discouraged, because now Google Adsense is already in Indonesian, so even though the contents of your blog use the Indonesian language, you can still list the original contents or the original content. And about the age of the blog from the experience of the admin itself, I have registered a blog that is still 1 month old, but directly visited, just google, whether it's just lucky or how. The point is to be patient while waiting to think about creating a unique and interesting article.

Okay, so first from the admin on how to quickly be accepted / received by Google Adsense, the admin is also a human being, so if there is an error, please input it from your master. Hopefully, the handsome admin article for this will be of great benefit to you and you pray for you to be quickly accepted as a GA publisher, so that you can generate hundreds, millions or even tens of millions of Google Adsense. '
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