Criteria Web or Blog Design is Very Good

A website / blog can be judged to have a good design if it meets certain assessment criteria that may differ depending on the evaluator's point of view. Nevertheless, in general there are five good website design criteria that can be used as a reference for you to design your own website / blog or just improve the website design that you are using.

New visitors as the main target

The goals that are used as a reference basis for the following criteria are new visitors where of course the first impression has its own value in their eyes. Usually, on the second visit and so on, the assessment will shift to other things such as the content of the website / blog in question. The importance of showing a tempting first impression in a website design can be analogous to when you try to show the opposite sex that you are a charming person.

Good Website / blog design criteria

Fast loading time

From any point of view, fast loading time must be a major concern. If your website fails to display perfectly within a few seconds, usually new visitors are reluctant to wait long and decide to leave your website / blog. Usually this happens to visitors coming from search results where they need precise and concise information.

Don't have an intermediate page

The intermediate page is the page displayed before the main page is displayed which is usually called Splash Page or Intermission . Pages like this usually contain welcome or even advertisements. Pages like this are often found, often containing only the website / blog logo with the words "Click here to Enter Site" below it. This is really annoying for your website visitors.

Does not load too many multimedia files

Video and audio are multimedia content that is quite disturbing to visitors and indeed ineffective. Usually visitors will immediately reduce the volume or even close your website / blog. If a multimedia file is indeed needed, make it not run immediately when the website is opened and add a link to activate the multimedia file.
Another annoying form is animated images, as much as possible place animated images outside the main content of your website so that visitors are not disturbed when trying to read the content.

Give a message, clear impression and link

Visitors will immediately leave your website / blog if they don't get clarity about what is offered on your website. Give enough information on your website page about the content of the website such as a fairly clear title and inform the contents of your website. Give a link to other pages on your website.
Place this link in a place that is easily accessible and clearly visible. Avoid loading links to web pages that are still under development. Alternatively, give a message stating that the page will be accessible for a certain period of time.

Have a design with the right structure and easy to understand

Determine the structure of website content placement such as headers, footers, navigation menus and ad blocks. Try to structure the same on each page so that visitors are not confused by, for example, the menu that moves.

Try to make color selection, placement of website logos and fonts that are used consistently on each page so that visitors do not feel moved to another website. Never place ads that are more than your content because visitors are not looking for ads but the content of your website.

By following these criteria, your chances of giving satisfaction to visitors will be more available. It can be concluded that good website design from the point of view of the target audience is not a website with a luxurious and beautiful appearance, but a structured and informative design and makes it easy for every visitor to explore your website.

Even so, a good website design may not necessarily keep your visitors visiting your website. Many other things must also be fulfilled such as always updated content and the accuracy of an article offered.

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